A visual identity inspired by the natural habitat of the target group – nature.

Visual identity and guidelines / Design direction for e-commerce / Design applications

Nordeye is a Swedish e-commerce platform and a part of Axel Johnson International. For this branding project I teamed up with Karin at Expresso Group for the brand platform, Katarina at Eqvarium for the naming process and Per at Ports Group for brand security. I created the visual identity, brand guidelines and some visual assets for Nordeye to base the e-commerce platform on.

Nordeye sells vehicle lightning, and there are a handful of other companies out there that does pretty much the same thing. To make Nordeye stand out and at the same time clearly connect to and create recognition with a target group that is primarily based outside the cities, I created a visual identity from their reality and lifestyle, nature.

The main goal of the e-commerce platform is to guide, simplify and explain. This is done by using visual elements like icons and colors to guide rather than to decorate, but also by using a clear visual hierarchy, not showing too much information at once and offering several ways to find the right product.