With popping colors the range of organic grains from Garant stands out on the shelves.

Packaging design

Axfood is Sweden’s second largest food retailer. Garant, which is an own-label product of Axfood, sells high-quality goods at a low price. Garant organic is a range of foods for an ecological everyday life that holds high quality, and all goods come from a certified production. At BAS together with Stefan Sundström, I made the packaging design for the range of organic grains.

All organic packaging from Garant is typographically based with a custom hand-drawn typeface to unify the product category. A vital part of packaging design is the back, a lot of information is often squeezed into a small area – and this packaging was not an exception. A high level of typographic skills was required to neatly arrange all the information. The colors are carefully selected (unfortunately not printed with as much love) to make the grain packaging stand out and differ from other grains on the shelves. 

Garant Ekologisk Bulgur
Garant Ekologisk Kamut
Garant ekologogiska gryn PMS färger